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Welcome to Discover Filey

A non profit company limited by guarantee, Discover Filey Development Trust has now been formed to take the project forward with the provision of a heritage and visitors centre on the Filey Country Park.We are working closely with Scarborough Borough Council and Filey Town Council. Discover the hidden world of Filey Bay’s natural environment and heritage. Whether you are an educator, family or visitor, we hope you can find information here which will educate, excite and entertain.

The information and interpretation about this area of the Yorkshire Coast is poorly developed. Little information is available, particularly of the undersea environment and maritime heritage. In cooperation with other organisations in the area involved in conservation and nature tourism, our group has developed programmes of events and activities, featuring the beautiful fauna, flora and unique heritage of our area.

Our target audiences are schools and families, both within our local communities and beyond. We believe that by reaching a younger generation, we can encourage enthusiasm for the environment and heritage. Today’s enthused youngsters will be tomorrow’s visitors and local entrepreneurs, fostering an ethos of nature tourism and local vibrancy. The result will be that our local communities develop in a way that is both sensitive to the natural environment and grounded in heritage.

We would like to thank our Leader Programme funders, Filey Town Council and Scarborough Brorough Council, for their support.

Discover Filey Development Trust Ltd

Chairman’s Report for Annual General Meeting  

12  November 2018.


It has been a difficult year for the trust.

We started out with hope that, at last, the Discovery Building would finally be built.

We applied for outline planning permission in the middle of 2017 with plans as agreed over a long period with the Scarborough Borough Council Planning Department.

The building was to be on, or near to, the site of the demolished toilet block (this was the rationale for the use of S106 money for the demolition).

The plans were conditionally accepted provided the building was ‘as close as possible’ to the caravan site buildings and preferably on the site of the existing children’s playground. The stability of the boulder clay and erosion were discussed but the Borough Council’s preferred site was at the side of a ravine.

DFDT decided that this new site was totally unacceptable and we would not be seen as responsible in any way for the demolition of a children’s play area.

In the spring, we planted shrubs and small trees between the parking rows in approximately one third of the country park car park. The summer drought may have had a serious effect on their viability.

In March we were advised by SBC officers and Cllr. Cockerill that some, or all, of the Discovery Building could be incorporated within an update to the caravan site building and that detailed plans would be made available by June. This did not happen and when Stuart Clark of SBC and Cllr. Cockerill presented their aspirations to FTC in July, it was apparent that at this stage SBC was only interested in enhancements to the caravan site and the Discovery Building would go forward only if money was forthcoming from RSPB.

A planning application by Matthew Smartt (SBC Parks and Countryside officer) on our behalf for exercise equipment was rejected.

It appears that Discover Filey Development Trust has no future under these present conditions so, at the October 2018 Board meeting, a decision to close the company was taken.

In view of this, I suggest that the current board of directors be re-elected tonight en bloc with the sole task of closing the company and disposing of the assets appropriately.

I would like to thank all the people who have helped Discover Filey over the years and who shared our vision of doing something great for the people of Filey and visitors, and Native Architects who did a lot of pro bono work on the Discovery Building Design.

Thank you.

Important Notice